Omega Personnel incorporates Education Recruitment

Omega Personnel is proud to announce the acquisition of an Education Recruitment Division to its firm. As it has been a much anticipated move to expand the recruitment divisions; Education felt like a step in the right direction.

Recruitment Director, Patrick King has always believed in value of Educators and felt that, “everyone at some point in their life, has been taught or influenced by an Educator. When the opportunity rose, for us to acquire a company that allowed us to make a difference in the Education system, we all but jumped at it.”

Omega’s Education Recruitment Manager, Anup Sudra is a highly skilled, passionate and dedicated Recruiter. He goes above and beyond to ensure that he finds the right placement for the right School.

We are incredibly excited to nurture and grow this division and look forward to its future.

For education recruitment contact us now, and for jobs in education submit your CV.

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